Pruning and hedging gardening services.

Pruning is an essential part of keeping a garden healthy and flourishing. If you prune correctly, you will encourage new growth and your plants will stay more resilient, flower better and grow stronger.

Plants like a good prune when the time is right. No plant wants to be encumbered with unwanted branches, leaves and old growth when it is striving toward the sun. Some plants like pruning straight after flowering, others like after winter. Knowing when to prune, exactly where to prune and how to prune is key to good regrowth and health of your plants.

Are your trees and shrubs looking overgrown or untidy?

Don't let pruning be a chore. Our pruning and hedging gardening services provide expert advice on when and how to prune your trees, plants and shrubs. If your tress and shrubs are looking overgrown and untidy, call us for a free quote and let us prune and maintain your garden, rain, hail or shine.

If it's fruit you love, we provide an expert and professional pruning service for fruit trees. Your beloved fruit tress will be pruned correctly at the right time of year to ensure maximum produce at harvest time. A bountiful fruit tree is a pleasure to look at!


What Our Clients Are Saying….

I arrived home and Ben was finishing off my neighbours gardening, when asked if he could mow my yard he didn't hesitate even though he was just packing up his gear. He edged, mowed and blower vac, great job! Great friendly guy. I'll certainly be booking my gardening and odd jobs through Ben from now on. Thanks again Ben!


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