Tree removal, tree pruning, tree trimming.

Whether you have a residential or commercial garden to maintain, a tree can be a complement to the surrounds or it can do the opposite. As much as we love our trees and the beauty they bring to our environment, occasionally we may need to remove a tree or maintaining trees with pruning, trimming is important.

Premium Gardens provides tree pruning and trimming services to keep your trees framing your landscape and complementing it.

If a tree is deemed unsafe or too old, we are fully equipped, insured and qualified to remove trees and have had many years experience in tree removal services.


Our Tree Pruning Services include:

  • Formative/subordination pruning: Helps to train young or newly planted trees into a uniform structure, highly beneficial for the future years.

  • Deadwooding: The removal of dying, dead or diseased timber to prevent the spread of further infection and to remove the risk of potential failure.
  • Crown reductions: This helps to keep a canopy to a certain size depending on location and also reduces growth within the root system towards structures of value. Reduction pruning can also assist with creating adequate clearance between the tree and wires, gutters, roofs or windows.
  • Crown thinning: To help encourage new growth throughout the canopy or to increase the amount of sunlight within a garden.
  • Crown lifting: The removal of lower limbs to help encourage further growth in the upper canopy or to prevent damage to structure of value.
  • Pollarding: The removal of regrowth back to a knuckle point, this is not topping/lopping which is known as a poor practice (Note: Only some species are susceptible).
  • Fruit tree pruning: Mostly carried out in the dormant season to help encourage the next crop. With our expert pruning we can train your tree to provide more fruit or fruit of a higher quality.
  • Hedge cutting/topiary: The shaping and tidying up of hedges all shapes and sizes.
  • Palm tree pruning: The removal of dead fronds, husk and seed pods. At Embark this is one of our specialty services as we can shave a palm to provide a higher aesthetic value.
  • Storm damage works: To help remediate trees which have suffered from failures due to disease or adverse weather conditions.

Stump Removal

When you request a quote for a tree or stump removal, one of our certified arborists will first attend your property to assess whether a full removal is necessary and whether council approval is required. Where possible we will recommend best practice to retain the tree.

Using only compliant equipment and tools our team seek out the most efficient and safest method to remove the tree to prevent property damage or injury to members of the public.  The team are experienced in removing everything from small shrubs all the way up to extra-large specimens, no job is too big.

When it comes to stumps, we know that nobody likes to have a jagged stump sticking out of the ground so our services include stump removal of all sizes. We ensure that before any excavations take place, all local underground services are identified using a state-of-the-art cat scanner.

Call us for reliable, efficient and prompt service to look after your trees. You may also need some other work around the garden. We are happy to have a chat on the phone and provide a no obligation free quote.

What Our Clients Are Saying….

My partner and I were so relieved to finally find such a reliable and competent gardener! Ben gets the job done in such great time and always goes the extra mile for us! Can't recommend him highly enough!!


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